Vhernier 18K White Gold Diamond Abbraccio Earrings

Featured here is a pair of Cartier 18K White Gold Diamond Hoop Earrings. The total diamond weight of these stunning earrings is 1.78ct. The earrings will come with a box but no papers.

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Vhernier 18K White Gold Diamond Abbraccio Earrings

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Featured here is a pair of Vhernier 18K White Gold Diamond Abbraccio Earrings. The total diamond weight of these stunning earrings is 0.99ct. Try on and enjoy these earrings at our La Maison Boutique at the Waterside Shops In Naples, FL, Your Naples Vhernier Estate Jeweler


About Vhernier

According to Forbes, the Vhernier brand got its start in 1984, when Angela Camurati co-founded the design firm in Valenza, naming it after Doge Venier, a Renaissance ruler of Venice. Valenza is known as the premier producer of gold jewelry in Italy and, to an extent, in the entire world. Beyond Vhernier, other high-end jewelry designers source their gold work there, including Bulgari.

The brand began showing off its work in the 1990s. As Margo Raffaelli reports, “The first pieces of Vhernier’s own design were presented in the very beginning of the 1990s, namely laconic earrings and rings of glossy gold. However, the greatest popularity of the company was brought by animalistic brooches in the form of playful turtles, crabs and caterpillars, as well as earrings with a balloon motif.”

Beyond its acclaimed Valenza gold work, Vhernier also often adds a range of unusual and interesting materials to its pieces, including wood, stone, aluminum, titanium and even fossils. It pays particular attention to the types and styles of gold used in its pieces, however. Rose gold is a favorite pick, and the gold used in Vhernier pieces is always incredibly polished, to a high shine. White gold is rarer in Vhernier pieces, but, as Forbes report, when it is used, the brand does not incorporate rhodium, as other designers often do.

Raffaelli further states that Vhernier quickly became connected to the Trasparenze technique, which combines rock crystal with colored opaque minerals, for unique optical illusions and evolving colors that aren’t possible otherwise. As such, Vhernier’s Trasparenze pieces are well-prized by collectors looking for something unique and unusual to add to their jewelry collections.

More recently (though still more than two decades ago), Vhernier was purchased, in 2001, by Carlo Traglio. However, Angela Camurati still has her hand in the brand, serving as the production director, while Traglio heads as president.

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