Graff 18K White Gold Diamond Necklace

Graff Diamond Necklace 18kt white gold.

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Graff 18K White Gold Diamond Necklace

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Featured here is a Graff 18K White Gold Diamond Necklace. The necklace features a circular pendant with a diamond motif on a diamond chain. Try on and enjoy this necklace at our La Maison Boutique at the Waterside Shops In Naples, FL. , Your Naples Graff Estate Jeweler


About Graff

An extraordinary diamond company where Laurence Graff himself continues to be at the pinnacle of the luxury jewelry industry since its creation in the distant 1960s. Its unique and ubiquitous approach involves active participation in every stage along the way – from the responsible sourcing or each precious stone to the delicate and meticulous process of cutting, polishing and final setting.

Throughout its history, Graff has been credited for handling diamonds of exceptional rarity and beauty, becoming the source of inspiration to a number of high-end jewelry houses around the world for its peculiar yet, wealthy clientele.

Laurence Graff’s passion and distinctive style live on in his legacy and have inspired generations of designers to employ centuries-old techniques in preserving and enhancing a diamond’s natural beauty and purity without clouding it. This expertise and enviable know-how has led to the creation of some of the world’s most dazzling pieces, such as the Graff Constellation line and the Peacock Brooch– staggering blends of color and shapes that feature exceptional pieces.

With luxury boutiques around the globe and a worthy place at the annual Baselworld Watch and Jewelry Show, Graff continues to set the frontiers in unprecedented craftsmanship, one-of-a-kind designs and impeccable engineering. Characterized by exuberance and artistic skill, their creations showcase years of meticulous attention to detail and design ingenuity of master craftsmen – the very things that made the Graff name.

Each of their bespoke collections – Briolette, Infinity, Graff Icon – features a highly-sculptural arrangement of delicate motifs and glittering diamonds that encourage an extraordinary play of light to illuminate the pieces.

A true celestial celebration of Graff’s creativity – all of their jewelry comprises intricate blend of diamonds and precious stones, impeccably linked to create pieces of abstract harmony and everlasting elegance.

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