David Webb 18k White Gold Platinum Diamond & Amethyst Brooch

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David Webb 18k White Gold Platinum Diamond & Amethyst Brooch

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Featured here is a David Webb 18k White Gold Platinum Diamond & Amethyst Brooch. The total Diamond weight of this stunning ring is 20.00ct with 2 109.85ct amethysts. Try on and enjoy this brooch at our La Maison Boutique at the Waterside Shops In Naples, FL. , Your Naples David Webb Estate Jeweler


About David Webb

For more than 70 years, David Webb has been the quintessential American jeweler of highly original, modern jewelry. Best known for distinctive carved and enameled animal bracelets, dramatic gold necklaces, colorful sautoirs, Maltese cross brooches, dynamic use of pearls and diamonds, and exquisite rock crystal pieces. David Webb is one of the country’s most important, distinguished jewelers. All of the jewelry is made on the premises in New York, as it has been since 1948.

He was born in dogwood country-Asheville, North Carolina-with a thirst for big city life. Creativity was David Webb’s calling card, which he honed apprenticing for an uncle who was in jewelry manufacturing. His first design? A copper ashtray signed with a spider in his web. The training was modest but it fueled big dreams.

David Webb the self-starter made it to New York and by 1948, at the age of 23, he opened shop. Manhattan was fast and fun: daytime visits to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, dinner parties with clients, and in 1962 he became First Lady Jackie Kennedy’s choice to make the official Gifts of State.

David Webb’s favorite pets are bejeweled and enameled. They roar and whinny, some of them chatter nonstop, and all are members of the jeweler’s Animal Kingdom. The first David Webb animal bracelet was in 1957, and by 1963 the company had a bestiary all its own. Frogs, especially, and horses-the zebra is the company mascot-kept company with monkeys, snakes, elephants, and all the Big Cats, among others.

By the end of the 1960s, the smart set and all of Hollywood wore their David Webb animal bracelets. Animal lover Elizabeth Taylor was a devoted client, and even wore her diamond-studded lion and pearl jewelry in her films.

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